In Curriculum

Our special program for younger students focuses on Agility, Balance and Coordination with 150 activities designed in the UK. With the help of colourful equipment, students participate in age specific fun activities, which focus on motor skills that make the building blocks of sports and an active lifestyle.

For middle-schoolers, the main objective of P.E. is to focus on general health and fitness. The program performs health assessments for students before and after their participation, to monitor the progress made, this helps parents, schools and the students to be more aware of their health and habits. The program focuses on Team work, following the rules and discipline. Students get to explore multiple sports, and learn various skills for each sport. This gives students a taste of diverse activities to participate in, keeping them engaged, creative and eager to keep learning. Active P.E provides the schools with support for planning and execution of annual sports days.

We also curate a program for older students that builds on Active P.E. and focuses on core sports development, tournament exposure, and highly qualified and certified coaches for advanced skill building for a selected sport. Students select one sport per term, to focus on, and train at a specialized level to be able to compete at various stages and levels, and advance to excellence.

Our Process

We at MQ are consistently progressing our curriculum, training and coaching. We believe in delivering a high-quality curriculum and coaches. We review curriculum structure on a regular basis, making adjustments suited to schools and students. MQ focuses on training coaches, to ensure the most effective way of delivering the curriculum, to be equipped for first aid and injury prevention, to be able to evaluate the students for assessment.

MQ Process